Boris and the Bullshit Factory

11TH -15TH OCTOBER 2022

“My strategy is to litter my career with so many decoy mistakes that nobody knows which one to attack.”

How does the man who has committed endless blunders, insults people on the daily and doesn’t know how to brush his hair, have the most powerful job in the country?  Boris holds the golden Ticket, he’s untouchable and this is his story.

This new political satire looks at the rise to power of the man who runs our country and the people who surround him.  With slapstick humour, crazy quotes, musical numbers and more this show will suck you into the magnificent Bullshit factory.

Boris Johnson – Jack McCann
Dominic Cummings – Tom Masterman
Michael Gove – Brian Maitland
Rishi Sunak / Priti Patel – Ankit Madhira

Production Credits:
Written and Directed By – Tom Sergeant
Costume Design – Liz Howard Ellis
Co-Producer – Bampot and Dafty
Co-Producer – Brian Maitland
Co-Producer – Tom Sergeant
Producers for Car Crash Productions: Tom Sergeant & Brian Maitland.

Production would like to thank Bread and Roses Theatre, Paul Sergeant, Liz Sergeant
and Jeremy Corbyn (He wasn’t involved in the Show, we just want to thank him).