Each year we have a number of theatrical projects that take place, to promote emerging artist and showcase real life matters at the for front of our company. From Black History Month to Pride month, Women’s events and events of Love and Relationship, our Projects drive our current programming. See our Upcoming Project below: This page is still being updated so some links may be broken.

Coming March 2022

Centred around International Women’s Day, we have a month long event focused round those who identify as women, and use she/her pronouns. What does it mean to be a women? What does theatre and arts paint women to be? Is gender equality something we have yet in Theatre?

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World Poetry Day
Coming March 21st – March 26th

A week celebrating the poems that we were brought up on and shaped us. With performances of personal and iconic poems, plus chat backs unpicking what these poems mean to us and why they have stood the test of time. #WordsHavePower

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A Step in Time
Coming April 2022

Dancing through the decades.

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Dangerous Dialogues Season 3
Coming May 2022

Returning for a 3rd run, Dangerous Dialogues will unpick more topics we don’t talk about enough. This series including topics like Politics, Vaccination and Death. PLUS as part of our Environmental event and Pride events, conversation on climate change, Conversion Therapy and more #BreakTheStigma

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Love, Relationships and The Sticky Stuff
February 2022

A season of work assessing what love is, and why we are so obsessed with it. We look at what relationship are, the different types you get and the importance of differentiating it from sex, love and the ‘sticky stuff’.

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Dangerous Dialogues Season 2
January – February 2022

Following the success of the first series of Dangerous Dialogues we are putting more creatives at the centre of our search for want makes some topics so called ‘Dangerous’ conversations. This series will look at ‘Resolutions’, ‘Money’, ‘Love’, ‘Sex’ and Abortion’. Are you ready to #BreakTheStigma

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Pride 2021
June 2021

Featuring our largest variety of programming to date, Pride 2021 was a month long event with a pieces themes around the meaning behind each pride flag colour, LGBTQ+ themes Dangerous Dialogues, Living Room Pride concerts live and our first live show since the pandemic began – The Queen Cabaret!

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Dangerous Dialogues Series 1
June – July 2021

In a series of open conversations, we wanted to #BreakTheStigma around so called ‘Dangerous Conversations’ and in the process demystify them. Conceived to fill the void of regular talk backs, found after shows, we unpacked topics including ‘Feminism’, ‘independence’, ‘Body Image’, ‘Media Pressure’ and ‘Disability’.

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Living Room Live Series 3
March – July 2021

Live from their Living Rooms, we continued to showcase 2020 & 2021 graduates to hundreds of online viewers every week. With intimate solo concerts from each every friday night every graduate had the opportunity to show their excellent skills with a variety of repertoire.

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Car Share
February – July 2021

We hosted ‘car share’ conversations with established theatre performers, creatives and producers. Each conversation gave further insight to how each person started out, what their journey was to success today and what tribulations they had along the way. From West End Performers and producers to fringe artists we got a picture of how the industry adapted to a post 2020 world.

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Black History Month
October 2020

A month of programming, curated by Sean M Dale, all about the Black experience. Featuring music, dance, monologues, q&a’s and open conversation about the current experience of being a person of colour and where those experiences (positive and negative) have seemed from.

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Virtually Fringe
August 2020

Every year since Car Crash has begun we have ventured off to Edinburgh Fringe, but in 2020 we brought the fringe to everyones doorstep. With 100’s of artists and creatives showcasing daily! From concerts and live bands, to workshops and q and a’s there was everything and more you’d find at the Fringe.

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Living Room Live Series 2
July 2020

Following the success of the first run of Living Room Live’s we welcomed 5 new incredible artists to present their skills, with live concerts, meditation, ballet classes Q and A’s and interviews.

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Pride 2020
June 2020

For Pride month 2020 we produced a series of monologues focused around the Queer experience, for creatives and artists from the LGBTQ+ community and allies. From Freddie Mercury to what it’s like to live as a Non Binary person, too dating as a queer person, where have we come since Stonewall all these years ago?

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Pending Virtual
March 2020

In March we ran a series on free online workshops for all. Featuring successful and established artists from around the world in daily creative stimulation in variety of different part of the industry. From producing at fringe, to film making and music writing we covered so much.

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Living Room Live Series 1
March 2022

As the rest of the world went into lockdown we hosted daily creatives sessions at 1pm of 6 weeks.

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Caring Concert
February 2022

Just before the world went into a Covid Lockdown, care homes and nursing homes had already stopped visitors being able to visit. We put an hour long digital concert together featuring families, symphony orchestras, dancers, comedians and more for digital distribution to those alone and at risk.

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