Dangerous Dialogues

Dangerous Dialogues are a project started during lockdown. Conceived to fill the void of Show talkbacks and interviews, that unpack topics of the theatre we are making. Through our dialogues with creatives from around the world we want to #BreakTheStigma around topics that are still considered to be taboo and challenge people perceptions of them. Are goal with dangerous dialogues is to get people talking, have your own conversations on these topics and allow yourself to be comfortable talking about this topics.

Dangerous Dialogue will return for a 3rd series later this year, plus a new series of Dangerous Dialogues for Pride in June.

Series 2

The Second series is currently ongoing – running from 23rd January to 27th February 2022 covering topics like Resolutions, Money, Love, Abortion and Sex. The later 3 were featured topics as part of the project Love Relationships and the sticky stuff (Click for further details)


Featuring Colby Reid, Sascha Green and Zoe Frieslick.

Is it as simple as Pro Choice and Pro Life? Do people get abolitions? When is it legal and when is it illegal? What is religions stance on Aborition? How do people make the choice?

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Featuring Henriette Laursen, Doug Glover and Zoe Frieslick.

Let’s talk about sex! Why do so have difficultly talking about sex? What is giving consent? Is sex more than just love and relationships? What is good sex? What is bad sex? How can we improve our relationship to Sex?

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Featuring Edward Dickens, Nea Cornér and Zoe Frieslick.

Discussing What is love really? Why do we long for it so much? Why do we struggle to open up about our feelings of love so much? 

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Featuring Zoe Freislick and Nea Corner.

Discussing Why Don’t we Talk About Money? Why are we scared to talk about money struggles? Why is there such a divided between rich and poor? Why we hunt for quick, cheap and easy, Benefits, overdrafts and loans.

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Featuring Sean Dale, Alexis Craig Hart and Jack McCann.

Discussing what is success and failure? Why do we constantly set ourselves goals? Why don’t we share our resolutions and goals? Why are we always trying to change? How can we set ourself achievable goals and keep them?

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Dangerous Dialogues For Pride Series 1

Between the 1st and 2nd series, as part of our Pride 2021 programme (click for further details) we ran LGBTQ+ Themed Dangerous Dialogues. Topics included Coming Out, Gender Identity, Drag and Queer Representation. Click below to view each in full.

Series 1

Series 1 ran in 29th April 2021 to 4th July 2021. Featured Topics in the dialogues were:

Body Image

Featuring Jordan Day, a vocal coach based in the US; and Syd Elverson, a body positivity TikTok-er.

Discussing our perception of body image, what it means to be a bigger person on social media, reclaiming words like ‘fat’ and your perception of your body image verses what others see.

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Featuring Hannah Hoskins, a Disability advocate; and Éimi Quinn, an actor and performer.

Discussing the individuality of disability, peoples perceptions of your disability, how to make places more accessible for people with disabilities, the representations of disabilities in media and understanding your own needs.

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Media Pressure

Featuring Alex Shinnick, and educator and youth director; and Kat/Yer Awrite, a social media influencer and positive poster.

Discussing the impact that social media has on us all in the current digital age.

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Featuring Alex Shinnick (a director and educator), Kara M. Tyler (a feminist theatre maker), Rachel Jardine (a sex positive social media star) and Eleanor Hill (a feminist theatre maker).

Discussing what being a feminist is, how being a feminist has changed over the years, the extreme view that some people have of feminism and what equality truly is and looks like.

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Featuring Tamara Koltes, Janelle Wilger and Brian Maitland.

Discussing what independence means to different countries, how it affects countries and their people, Nationalism, Brexit, American Independence and Scottish Independence and original land owners.

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