Love, Relationship and The Sticky Stuff

Through the month of February we look at all things Love. What is Love? (don’t hurt me don’t hurt me no more) Why are we so obsessed with it? Are Relationships, Sex and Love all the same things? With Dangerous Dialogues to help unpack our thoughts around Love, Sex and Aborition and freshly commissions pieces including music and poetry.


Performed by Mark D’Arcy and Colby Reid

Showing that love is beyond couples, here shown in true friendship. Mark and Colby have a strong friendship, and truly love each other. This performance is an honest showing of that love in the form of the Nat King Cole song: L-O-V-E. You can view their performance below:

A Red, Red Rose

Performed by Biz Lyon

The iconic love Poem by Scottish poet, Robert Burns, talks about love and love lost. Here Biz performs it, with her dog in mind, in a beautifully shot version of the poem.

Dangerous Dialogues

As part of our event, we hosted 3 dangerous dialogues around topics related to love and relationships: