High School English

18TH & 20TH APRIL 2019

As part of the emerging artists festival, Theatre Festival Pending, Tom Sergeant  directs High School English.

As a group of high school students work towards their English exam it becomes more evident to their under-resourced teacher that they can’t remember anything about the classic texts they have to memorise.  The students are forced to fabricate modern elements into classic stories, so they retain them.  Don’t we all remember the bit of Romeo and Juliet where they bonded over memes?  Or the bit of Harry Potter where Ron and Hermione Super Liked each other on Tinder? This slapstick comedy investigates how pupils are taught classic texts in a modern age where there are labels for every possible learning difficulty!  High School English is a necessary production for us to assess our current education system in the UK and how we facilitate for those with additional support needs.

Miss Adams – Tamara Koltes
Edward – Will Lukeman
Arthur – Elan Butler
Rachel – Chiara Schmölz
Ashcan – Anant Varman

Production Team:
Director – Tom Sergeant
Assistant Director – Hannah Huerta
Lighting Design – Klay Brackney-Wandelear
Sound Design – Tom Sergeant
Photographer – Zoe Zhang

Production Shots:

Tickets are available now from the Unrestricted View Website: https://www.unrestrictedview.co.uk/events/theatre-festival-pending-a-festival-of-work-by-emerging-artists/

You can Watch the full show here: