The Mercy Seat

17TH & 19TH APRIL 2019

As part of the emerging artists festival, Theatre Festival Pending, Sascha Green directs Neal LaBute’s The Mercy Seat.

The world has changed overnight.  On September 12, 2001, Ben Harcourt finds himself in the New York downtown apartment of his lover and boss, Abby Prescott. His endlessly ringing mobile phone haunts their conversation as Ben and Abby explore the choices now available to them in an existence different from the one they knew just the day before. Will Ben let his family know he’s alive or will he and Abby take this chance to create a new life for themselves?

As our world becomes more violent and our society disconnected, The Mercy Seat is essential as it confronts audiences with the ugly and selfish side of individuals in a global moment of selflessness. As we move away from 9/11 to 2019 and a world dominated by social media, are we only altruistic when someone is watching?

Abby Prescott – Shauna Gavaghan
Ben Harcourt – David Gibbons

Production Team:
Director – Sascha Green
Assistant Director – Ashley Mapley-Brittle
Stage Manager – Rhi Brigland-Bishop
Writer – Neil LaBute

Production Shots:

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