Pride 2021

Pride 2021 was a project over Pride month (June) 2021. Showcase LGBTQ+ creatives in a variety of digital and live events across the month. The month included ‘The Pride Flag Pieces’, ‘Dangerous Dialogues for Pride’, ‘Living Room Pride’ and ‘The Queer Cabaret. 

The Pride Flag Pieces:
In the Pride Flag: Red Stands for Life, Orange stand for healing, Yellow Stands for Sunlight, Green is for Nature, Blue for Serenity/Magic/Healing and Purple for Spirit

We asked LGBTQ+ Artists what inspired them about each section of the pride flag. 4 pieces were created, in multi-dizsaplinary art forms to showcase these topics, featuring monologues, songs, instrumentals and factual art pieces. You can check out all the the pieces below:

Dangerous Dialogues for Pride
Our Dangerous Dialogues Series, ran 4 dialogues with Queer Creatives on LGBTQ+ topics key too many queer theatre stories. Covering Coming Out, Gender Identity, Drag and Queer Representation in stories, media and (Click below to view any of the dialogues)

Living Room Pride
Graduates hosted a live pride set from their living rooms to celebrate.

The Queer Cabaret
And finally, after a difficult 3rd Lockdown, we were one of the first shows to open up in London, with a 1 night queer cabaret, featuring Incredible vocals from Charlotte, Jack Trinder, Boylesque and Drag from Bev. You can watch the full thing here: