High School English

3RD – 25TH AUGUST 2018

High School English’ follows a group of High School students who are working towards their English exam, but there’s a problem!  The students can’t remember anything about the classic texts they have to memorise.  So in an effort to help them pass their exam their teacher fabricates modern elements into classic stories so they remember them.  Don’t we all remember the bit of Romeo and Juliet where they bonded over memes?  Or the bit of Harry Potter where Ron and Hermione super-liked each other on tinder?  Surely you remember the part of Cinderella where she got a Tattoo Fixers style makeover?  No?  Well these kids do!

This slapstick comedy investigates how pupils are taught classic texts in a modern age, where there is a label for every possible learning difficulty, where a pupil might have ODD, ADHD, Dyslexia, ASC etc.  High School English asks us to question how Education should be adapted to enable pupils with difficulties in the modern age we live in.  High School English is devised by the ensemble, and is still being workshopped, so the finished product is not yet fully realised.

Devised by our Artistic Director, Tom Sergeant, and a company of talented acting students from East 15 Acting School.

High School English comes to Greenside at Infirmary street from the 3rd – 25th of August 2018! Tickets are now on sale from the Edinburgh Fringe Website (Click here).

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