Splashback looks at what happens in a men’s toilet over the course of 2 days! What happens in this mysterious place?  Who goes there?  Where did they come from?  where does it all go?  Why do we need a toilet guy?  Powerful questions this show will answer – maybe.  Toilet paper not provided.

Splashback is a new Contemporary Musical Theatre piece devised by our Artistic Director and a group of talented actors studying at East 15 Acting School.  The show was devised through a creative new process where the songs in the show were also developed through improvisation.  This truly is an ensemble piece of work.

Splashback follows the ‘toilet guy’, a character we are all familiar with in the con-finds of the toilet and investigates the way in which this character and the environment which we find him in is treated.  Through to obvious toilet humour we start to see the real human experience on the toilet and the people that are in there.

Splashback received a preview performance at East 15 on the 22nd of June, before opening at C Royale on August the 1st, for a months run at the 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The Toilet Guy – Sean Dale
Ensemble – Lewys Jones, Will Lukeman, Tamara Koltes & Alexis Craig-Hart.

Production Team:
Director – Tom Sergeant
Assistant Director – Val Christiansen
Stage Manager – Joe Capjon
Assistant Stage Manager – Bernice Rayner
Dramaturg – Klay Brackney-Wandelear

Rehearsal Photos:

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Check out the first song in the show: