Wizard Sleeve of Oz

16TH -18TH DECEMBER 2020

It’s Hard to Click Your Heels Together With Your Legs Spread!

Dorothy is stuck in quarantine in the land of Oz! Longing for an escape she must journey to The Emerald City, where the great and powerful Wizard Sleeve lives, to see if she can get home!

Meeting new friends along the way like Scarecrow, who longs for Universal Credit, TinMan who drank his way through the year, Lion who’s tale is more than a tail and Glinda who’s so over communicating through Zoom.

Can she beat the odds of 2020 and get home to Aunt Em in time for Christmas with the family? Will the Wicked Bitch stop them? Will social distancing infringe on their journey? Will the ruby red shoes help her get home?

Dorothy – Annie Gibbons
Aunt Em/Lion – Jack McCann
Wicked Bitch/Tin Man – Stephanie Van Driesen
Scarecrow – Vincent Rosec
Colby Reid and Glinda the Good Bitch and
Brian Maitland as The Wizard Sleeve of Oz

Production Credits:
Written By – Jess Coppen Gardner, Brian Maitland & Tom Sergeant
Director – Tom Sergeant
Associate Director – Jess Coppen Gardner
LX Programmer – Angus Chisholm
Costume Design – Liz Howard Ellis
Graphic Design – Alex Jackson
Producer – Jess Coppen Garnder
Producers for Car Crash Productions: Colby Reid, Stephanie Van Driesen, Liz Howard Ellis & Tom Sergeant

Production would like to thank Gill Lambert, Lara Diamond and Emma Cavell.